Kim Glasgow


Kim is a caring dedicated professional devoted to helping you feel your best by facilitating healing using the time honored techniques of acupuncture, tuina massage, cupping and heat therapies. Each session consists of an assessment, followed by a treatment tailored to your condition; which consist of one or more modalities. The average treatment takes between 1 and 2 hours.

Kim spent 3 years studying Acupuncture Therapy to receive her diploma with high honours from the SSC Acupuncture Institute in Toronto. With 20 years experience as an instructor and personal trainer in the health and fitness industry she loved helping people find better wellness. Kim was then compelled by life’s circumstances to follow her lifelong calling of becoming a health care practitioner. Since she’s been doing acupuncture she’s been thrilled with the amazing results that the treatments really have. Her favourite quote from one of her former instructors is “This stuff really works”. Acupuncture For Health is a quiet, home-based clinic with a serene and beautifully decorated setting. Parking is available.

Kim is a member of CSCMA, the Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

Kim is also registered with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapists and Acupuncturists in Ontario (CTCMPAO). R. Ac. #2221